Purpose of Frequency

Often when I tell people that I am a bio-energy healer or Reiki practitioner I am met with unusual looks. Although the practice of energy healing is just now making its way to the mainstream of society, it is a relatively old art with a relatively new following. There is still a lot that I am learning daily about it so I understand why I get the “yea, she’s out there” looks. I smile at that because I know the level at which I resonate and the frequency in which I project.

So, let’s talk a little about that thing called resonance that I mentioned and what that means to a survivor, a thriver, or the person going through abuse right now. First, you must think about the body and mind as energy. We are all energy. Everything around us is energy. We are always vibrating something. The sound of our voice is sound energy. Our breath is prana – life energy. Our sensation of touch either runs warm or cool but it is all energy being passed through our hands and fingers. Our thoughts are energy and with thoughts we have the ability to manifest whatever we speak into the universe…for good or for bad.

We resonate our energy. Our energy is directly in tune to our thoughts, our feelings, our beliefs and our actions. And that energy, that is God energy moving through us. It is that spark at birth we are all given until we allow something or someone to douse it. There is an unlimited amount of energy. More than we could ever use need or want. The key is tapping into that good, vibrant energy to change our current circumstances.

Now here is where most of us fail at tapping into vibrant energy. We’ve been taught in life to put others first and often that translates in our minds to putting others before ourselves. That’s what we do when we choose to stay in an abusive relationship or when we choose to let someone take advantage of us or when we choose to keep our mouths closed and not speak of abuse the very moment it takes place or the moment we choose not to be an advocate for a child that cannot speak for themselves. We fail to arrive at our purpose because we set our intention on something or someone else and not on our own desired outcome. We land in a situation that allows other people to define our outcomes instead of living with conscious attention. Conscious attention is purposeful. It does not happen by accident. It is a product of knowing why God chose to put the spark of life in us on day one…so that we could all do great works.

When you are in alignment with your life’s purpose and your energy is balanced and flowing freely, the positivity you project will cancel out negativity every time. In this life, like a magnet, like attracts like. That means light attracts light and dark attracts dark…but thank God that light overpowers dark and therefore darkness cannot exist where light resides. However, you must have that light on the inside and work towards increasing the frequency of that light. Then and only then can you overpower any darkness that comes along your path.

However, you must be cautious of the company you keep. There are two kinds of people in this world. Those that bring us energy and those that steal or take away our energy. When our energy is being taken from us, it takes us out of alignment with our life’s purpose. And here’s the thing about life’s purpose, we are BORN WITH IT!!! At birth, we have the power of God in us. A spark that He expects us to take and expand until it over takes us.

But, when we are in situations, whether they be abusive or simply moments where we allow others to take advantage of us, we are allowing someone else to STEAL our God spark, to dim our light, to diminish our flow of energy. Know that this is a choice. We choose to live in the dark or we choose to live in the sun. We choose to either live in our purpose or we choose to live in lack. The moment you voice the words, “I can’t,” well…you can’t! Remember your words are energy so be careful of how you choose to speak with yourself  and with others.

And know that God does not want us to be in a place of lack. We’ve all heard the phrase, “With God ALL things are possible.” What does that leave out? Absolutely nothing! With Him every single need we have is met. We simply need to believe and live according to His will.

“Beloved, I wish above all things thou prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.” - John 3:2

Wow!! Just think about that for a moment.  God does not want us to be in any situation that does not allow us to prosper! However, since He also gave us the power of choice, if we choose a situation that does not allow us to prosper - pray that He will bring you through it unscathed because He surely will let us stay right in the muck until we are ready for our flower to bloom and rise forth. God meets you where you are but He also waits for you to receive Him and to ask Him for what you need.

So dear friends, recognize the light you have within. Recognize that there is a blessing over your life. Know that God can not use you until you are ready and willing to live in your worth and you are worth so much than just one moment in time. You are worth an eternity!


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